St Michael the Archangel in Booton Norfolk

St Michael the Archangel in Booton, Norfolk

The slender towers of the church ofSt Michael the Archangel in Booton Norfolk dominate the wide East Anglian landscape for miles around. This amazingly decorative and extraordinary building was the creation of one man – eccentric clergyman Reverend Whitwell Elwin – a descendant of Pocahontas. A friend of Charles Darwin, Elwin not only raised the funds for the building, he also designed it – without the help of an architect – borrowing details from other churches throughout the country.

This stunning church is huge yet cosy, and sits in a quiet spot overlooking patchwork green fields and the wide blue yonder. It’s unusual to find such an architectural masterpiece in a quiet country lane, just 12 miles north of Norwich and 20 miles from the Norfolk coast. St Michael the Archangel is in prime outdoorsy countryside, with plenty of ways for you to enjoy fresh air and excitement.

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