Burnham Overy Staithe Surf Boards



Burnham Overy Staithe Surf Boards

In 1957 Elizabeth Cory-Wright gathered together a group of friends to purchase the Boathouse building to ensure that its character and purpose were not impaired and a year later the building passed into the ownership of Burnham Overy Boathouse Ltd. The policy was to ensure the continuation of the purpose for which the Boathouse was being used and above all else, to maintain the peaceful and unique beauty of the waterfront and harbor. No dividend would be paid to any member and all profits would be plowed back to maintain the building as far as possible in its original form; to improve the service to all customers of the business, though it would never be the intention to expand to a greater extent than was consistent with safety and space available to all users of the creek.

These ideals are very much still in place and will continue to be jealously guarded by all members of the Boathouse.


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