Hunstanton Sea Front Fun Fair



Hunstanton Sea Front Fair

The Norfolk seaside resort of Hunstanton has the unusual distinction of being an east coast resort that faces west and as a result gets more than its fair share of sun and enjoys some lovely sunsets, hence the resort is known as Sunny Hunny. Hunstanton is divided into the village of Old Hunstanton and the newer resort town of Hunstanton St Edmund. In 1860 with the coming of the railway, Styleman Le Strange, the then Lord of the Manor, envisaged a place where gentlefolk could stroll and relax whilst taking in the sea air and so built New Hunstanton and this is the Hunstanton we know today. The name Hunstanton is believed to come from either the Honeystone, which was the old name for the local stone or more likely from the River Hunn which originates in the grounds of Old Hunstanton Hall and forms a moat around the house, the home of the Le Strange family. Although little more than a stream, locals are proud of their own little river that flows around the village. In 1978 storms reduced Hunstanton pier to scrap metal but fortunately there was no loss of life. Today, Hunstanton is a popular holiday destination with a friendly family atmosphere retaining much of its original Victorian elegance. You can enjoy all the traditional seaside attractions, such as donkey rides on the beach, or if you are feeling more adventurous a ride on a sea buggy, which trawls up and down the coast. There is also a swimming pool, an indoor leisure centre, a theatre and Sealife Sanctuary.


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